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Directed by A. Russell Andrews

Produced by StageWalkers Productions


November 2-December 9, 2007


The phenomenon known as "The Diary of Black Men: How do you love a Black Woman?” is an exciting and tantalizing theatrical production that addresses the issues of love, trust and black family values that have long been discussed cross-culturally, by economists, politicians, theologians, social scientists and the like, thus making the black man, in the words of Thomas Meloncon, “…the most talked about animal in America.”

The play attempts to address that statement and the aforementioned question of black love through a series of vignettes and scenarios examining the relationships between Black men and women using six male stereotypes: The Player, a Blue Collar Worker, a Militant, an Urban Professional and Intellect, a Black Muslim, and a Pimp. 

“The Diary of Black Men: How do you love a Black Woman?” has played to sold-out audiences in the U. S. and United Kingdom `for nearly a quarter century and is beginning its final National/International tour. Written by Houstonian Thomas Meloncon, this choreopoem is a remarkable presentation that passionately combines prose, poetry and dance that complement each other in a highly dramatic style.



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