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(Only One Mic Podcast) A. Russell Andrews on His New Book Shoes, Black Actors Pay Disparities & Authentic Storytelling

In this episode, we welcome the extraordinary A. Russell Andrews. His roles have traversed from stage, movies, television, and commercials, and now he is sharing his wisdom as an actor, director, and producer with us. He also shares his world in written form with the heartfelt narrative of his first book, SHOES.

We also touch on the gritty negotiations behind the spotlight, advocating for parity in an industry still grappling with pay disparities, especially for African-American artists. We also discuss the need for African American artists to build empires in media, inspired by the strides of Tim Reid and Byron Allen.

We conclude our discussion by talking about his theater company, Stagewalkers, and we underscore the power of authentic storytelling and the imperative of balance in a world teetering between connectivity and isolation.

Join us for a conversation that is not just an exploration of artistic odyssey but a collective reflection on the resonant human experiences that shape our existence. For more information on A. Russell Andrews and his book “Shoes” click on the links below.

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